The Nevada GPS Network (formerly, Washoe County GPS Network) is now being managed by the State of Utah providing real time corrections and data for post processing.

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Go to the online payment for the TURN GPS Network, Both networks will be using this.
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Current cost is now going to be $600 for each User Login and is good for a full year. And will allow access to both networks.

Connections: IP address - Port - 2102
The Coordinate Reference Frame for this network is NAD83/94(HARN)

Connections from the Source Table for Trimble users:
VRS_CMRX works with the newest Trimble units, newest firmware.
VRS_CMRP works with Trimble units that are newer but may not have the latest updates to the firmware.
VRS_CMR works with older Trimble units.

Connections from the Source Table for Non-Trimble users:
VRS_RTCM32 works with newest non-Trimble units.
VRS_RTCM31 works with non-Trimble units.
VRS_RTCM23 works with older non-Trimble units.

Mount-points that begin with "MS_" are single baseline solutions where the system automatically choosing the closest base station.

For Questions or Help contact the Support Desk toll-free at 1-800-678-3440 or 801-538-3440.
Certain questions may be answered at one of the following web sites: